There are so many good movies coming out of Hollywood nowadays that audiences are spoilt for choice. This is partly because there is an increase in demand for most Sci-Fi movies as well as Superhero films as well. These two genres, which are not that far apart, have reignited the zeal for movies that has always been there. This can be witnessed of money that Superhero films such as Logan, Guardians of The Galaxy: Volume 2 and Wonder woman have been able to rake in, regarding profits. Tickets for these films are always in demand, and that is why the movie industry will continue to shine. However, this is not to deny the fact that the need for the other genre has gone down. In fact, each genre is enjoying its considerable demand for the films, but the two types aforementioned have been able to dominate for the better part of the last decade. This is also significantly due to the use of CGI which has made shooting these films so much easier for the creators as well as being able to make better movies.

In the last decade, the use of CGI in movies has gone up, and this has led to an increased demand for such films as The Transformers and Fast and The Furious. These two franchises might not go well with the critics, but the audience seems to want more and more. It is right to point out the fact that these films might not be Academy worthy because of the lack of character building and such but they remain very relevant in today’s culture. A lot of directors are now as well pursuing these genres trying to make a name for themselves as well. There have also been very controversial films that have come out and some great Horror movies. This comes in the wake of one of the biggest actors of this generation calling it quits. Daniel Day-Lewis who is a three-time Academy Award winner has decided to hang up his boots at just the age of sixty.

Theatre too has enjoyed its fair share of great shows over the past year with more scheduled to come. Broadway has ways been the biggest stage that anyone can hope to perform at, and it has lived up to this name for quite a while now. Hamilton was a very successful show that surprised a lot of audiences for its authenticity as well as great acting. Groundhog Day is also poised to make quite the show on Broadway, and a lot of people can’t wait. It is perceived that it is harder to make it on a stage on Broadway than in Hollywood. This might be true given the level of talent that is expected of one before you can even make a Broadway debut. In keeping in line with tradition, the theater still rules, and there is no denying that there is more to come. Hamilton, which was widely successful is a clear indication that there is still an enormous amount of talent in that stage.

written by: ferzun