5 Things Everyone Should Respect At The Movies

5 Things Everyone Should Respect At The Movies

For many people going to the movies is incredibly fun and relaxing. However, when you meet people do not know how to behave in the movie theatre it can be particularly difficult to enjoy a movie projection. Therefore, if you would like to learn more about the code of how to behave at the movies, read this article.

1. Try Not To Chew So Loud!

Many people chew their food too loud or other people in the theatre to be able to concentrate on the movie. If you are one of the people yourself,

I would urge you to pay attention to how you are chewing and whether you are too loud. Make sure you don’t cause unnecessary stress for other movie goers, and simply enjoy your food chewing with your mouth closed.

2. Stop Spoilers, Please!

If you happen to go and see a movie you already know, or have already seen, make sure you do not spoil it for other people by making comments and talking ahead of time. You don’t, when I think about it, the best way would probably be is not to talk in the movies altogether.

This is how you will prevent yourself from saying something that might ruin the movie for other people. In addition to that, your peace of mind is not necessarily that relevant in the given moment, so you just might want to keep your thoughts for after the show.

3. Keep Your Feet Down

For all those who feel uncomfortable with the seating arrangement, I have only four words: KEEP YOUR FEET DOWN! Yes, it uncomfortable! Yes, all parts would like to and actually prefer to lay down and watch the movie, but it is not possible to do so in the movie theatre. Your feet my cause distress for other people in the movie theatre, and you might be despised for it. It’s not a good behavior at the movie theatre.

4. Do Not Talk Too Much

As it has been previously mentioned if you are quite the chatterbox in the movie theatre, you might get more than one inappropriate look pointed at your direction. Make sure you do not talk too much especially during the movie. Try not to ruin the movie with your talk, and make sure you only dark if you have something relevant to say to your companion.

I would also advise you to whisper during the movie projection, in order not to disturb others.

5. Getting Up Whenever You Feel Like It

You might have the need to get up, but make sure you do not do so in the middle of the movie projection. If you have to go to use the toilet, make sure you do so when it is appropriate and when you want to be interrupting an important scene for example.


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