Beginning of the home theater am I going to show you better way to do it you show you much better way the boys are busy helping we’re taking off the baseboard there is the room it has been emptied soccer stadium ready for the home theater not in a while what the risers are going to start right where you are right there yeah all right folks with the riser finished.

It’s time to start the screen wall I’ll be closing out this wall here and I’d like that to stay soundproof so that’s going to be a double wall as you can see by the floor double wall and I’m going to create a secondary screen wall about inches you like this I put down some treated lumber in a line across here I’m leaving six inches space to create a cool lighting effect on the side ram set the base into the cement and I’m doing inch on centers and because I put plywood up there.

When I first made the room I’m just screwing up right into the plywood I’ve also framed the entrance to the exercise room that’s going to be closed off I’ll put studs all the way through there this is the totem brand tribe in ceiling speaker that is going to have four of these in my ceiling for a seven for Dolby Atoms system let’s get it out of box and take look ah there.

It is out of the box amazing Movie Theater look at that nice this thing is a pretty darn bake put a five inch clearance there it’ll go up into drywall but because I don’t really want to cut into my ceiling I’m adding a bulkhead in the offered part of the ceiling which will give me enough clearance I’ll drywall it plug them up run into it and run these speaker cables down the track okay all free speaker bulkheads are framed have to put driver well and I started to run speaker wire somewhere.

Goes down the offsite hallway rather room leaves the soundproof room up through here around here down this wall any of the equipment cover comes down the wall and this is the equipment covered here so I’ve got speaker wire there time to run the rest of them it is a big moment the one room has become to the other side of this wall is the exercise room used to be the entrance to the play room we have now ins and put in the studs notice.