Arts and Entertainment. What does it mean? Art and entertainment. We’ve seen a drastic change in how we view our entertainment over the past few years. Binge-watching has become the norm. Who remembers what it was like to have your favourite program end for the season on a massive cliff-hanger? Our hero falling from a plane or locked in an ever-shrinking room. Gone are the days of waiting for months to find out if he lives or dies. Well, if there’s another season, chances are he lives, but the waiting part to find out how he escapes is not months away, but moments.


Going out to see a movie or a play is an event. At least, it should be. It requires making plans. Asking someone to come along with you. Matching your schedules for the date you could all attend. Maybe buying tickets, sometimes weeks in advance. Planning and picking the seats you want, making everyone happy. Then getting ready, cleaning up, nice clothes. Care was taken, pride. It certainly required more than a stack of DVD’s or just accessing the website online and eating junk food in your sweatpants that have stains, tears and perhaps some vulgar advertizing across the buttocks.


Then, of course, it usually meant dinner out, maybe meet at the pub for a drink before or a light meal. Maybe it was a really fancy dinner in a really fancy restaurant. Not pizza and potato chips on the basement couch. Drinks afterward to have a lively discussion about what we had just seen. Not just going to some forum online under an assumed name and spouting your opinion as if it were hard fact and being nasty to someone who disagreed with your view.


There is really nothing like a movie in the theatre. The large space, the slanted ailes, the big cushiony seats. You can’t beat the smells! The popcorn! The hushed whispers of other patrons finding their favourite spots for the best viewing advantage, not which side of the couch you’ll take up. The anticipation of what we are about to see.


Live theatre. Such an event! It’s a grand event for many. It might be a special event for the theatre-goer. Birthday or anniversary. It might be the only big outing for many months for some people. The effort on behalf of the production, the cast and crew, the costumes, the sets, all the work involved. You can’t pause it to go empty your bladder any time you like, so you need to prepare for that!


The big screen for the movie, loud and filling up so much of the space, it’s a wonderful experience that just can’t be beat. I wonder if younger people ever experience it anymore. I see many free sites to watch movies the very day they are released, recorded with someone’s phone and yet people still have the audacity to complain about the quality! Sitting at home, alone watching movies and four or five episodes or seasons of your favourite show, all soon to be forgotten by the time you start the next one. My advice? Go outside to play, to see a play.

written by: Tyson234